Simplifying Cloud Complexity with Low-Code & AI

Navigate cloud complexities with ease, powered by our AI orchestration – your smart solution for seamless cloud management.


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Run on a Strong Foundation

AWS Cloud Services

Grow faster, scale smarter, and reduce IT costs by leveraging AWS cloud solutions for your products and services. Whether you’re already using AWS or considering it, we help you maximize the benefits and results of adopting AWS.

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An Aokumo certified Kubernetes administrator (CKA) sitting with his PC in front of a big screen that has a Kubernetes icon

Kubernetes Professional Services

Run your Kubernetes operations successfully with our enterprise support for platform configuration, upgrade, and customization. We help you deploy, pilot, and manage Kubernetes for your current and future business needs.

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DevOps Services

Tap the full potential of your technology operations with our DevOps assessment, Cloud Center of Excellence, and Site Reliability Engineering services. We help you increase automation capabilities and collaboration between team.

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Empowering Enterprises with Generative AI

Aokumo Platform

AI-Driven, Low-Code
Solution for Cloud Mastery

The Aokumo Platform transforms the complexity of cloud management into a streamlined, low-code experience. Powered by Backstage and Generative AI, it enables rapid deployment and effortless management of microservices, ensuring your cloud operations are optimized for peak performance.
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Your Intelligent
Cloud-Native Assistant

SRE AI is your 24/7 cloud-native assistant, transforming how you manage and troubleshoot infrastructure. Its advanced AI agents and RAG-based intelligence analyzes logs, configurations, and code, providing not just answers but comprehensive, actionable insights that streamline your workflow and optimize operational efficiency. Experience faster resolutions, reduced costs, and increased team productivity with SRE AI.
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You’ll Get Strategic Partners Alongside Cloud Infrastructure and CI/CD Expertise

How we work


We extend the Japanese concept of Shin-Gi-Tai into our work. With Shin (Strategy + Objective), Gi (Technology + Data), and Tai (People + Process), we take everything into account.

Leveraged Experience and Network

We offer knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices alongside connections with trusted technology partners and over 20 years of experience in Japan and the Asia Pacific region.

Co-Sourcing and Co-Creation

Most organizations don’t have the time to develop deep in-house expertise in cloud and data infrastructure. We work seamlessly with clients to fill gaps and upskill teams.

why Aokumo

Why Choose Aokumo

First AWS Amazon EKS Partner in Japan


Premier AWS Expertise

Aokumo leads the way as Japan's first recipient of the Amazon EKS Service Delivery distinction, showcasing unmatched expertise and excellence in Kubernetes application management and cloud orchestration.


Innovative Cloud Solutions

Recognized as a "Top 10 Digital Infrastructure Solution of 2022" by APAC CIO OUTLOOK, Aokumo exemplifies innovation in digital solutions, driving transformative cloud strategies for businesses.


Regulated Industry Expertise

Aokumo is a trusted partner for highly regulated industries, specializing in secure and compliant cloud infrastructures. Our focus on security and reliability is pivotal for enterprises in Banking and FinTech.

Aokumo innovates at the intersection of cloud, cloud-native, and AI to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions that streamline businesses' transition to the modern digital landscape.

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The Modern Infrastructure That Powers Your Future

Avoid embarking on a digital transformation journey and in the end, still being years behind your competitors

Set your company up to thrive for years to come

Avoid high costs and high risks associated with outdated technologies

Lower your infrastructure costs and business risks

Avoid being left to handle new technologies on your own

Rely on Aokumo's vast expertise to keep you on-top of the latest technologies and trends

Prepare Your Company for a Brighter Future

Partner with Aokumo to Modernize Your Infrastructure and Future-Proof Your Digital Experiences.

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