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Three Unique Strategies for a Holistic Digital Transformation

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Holistic & Outcome-based Approach

To achieve adaptability, scalability, and accelerated evolution, organizations must be modernized, digital at the heart of their operations, and truly data-driven.
However, legacy infrastructure, governance, processes, and team structure limit evolution at the necessary speed. Therefore, a holistic, value-driven, outcome-based approach is essential for a successful transformation.

Aokumo extends the Japanese concept Shin-Gi-Tai as a framework that enables customers to execute digital strategies at speed, deliver business value quickly, and incorporate agility into the organization’s culture.

Shin – Strategy and Purpose

Shin focuses on the mission and strategic directions in key change areas, including business goals, business models, products and services, customer value maps, and the market environment.

Gi – Technology and Data

Gi includes everything from Cloud Computing to AI and Analytics to Digital Platforms that build the technology and operational foundation for business agility and adaptability.

Tai – People and Process

Tai emphasizes lightweight governance and adaptive leadership using techniques like Obaya and Sprint to deliver business value quickly and efficiently.

We have over 20 years of comprehensive market knowledge in Japan and the Asia Pacific region, global connections, and technology partnerships. We leverage our partners, learnings, latest technologies, best practices, and world-class standards to deliver an impeccable business impact.

We have extensive experience doing business in the highly regulated and dynamic environments for both B2B and B2C organizations.

“Technology Excellence” is at the heart of everything we do. Our philosophy of security-by-design, cloud-first, and agile methodology ensures that our customers benefit from it immediately and gain the capabilities to scale globally.

Global Reach & Local Impact

Co-Sourcing and Co-Creation

With the increasing complexity of technology and the constantly changing competitive landscape, most organizations may not have the resources and time to acquire deep expertise across the entire landscape of modern technology. That's why it's crucial to find the right digital partner to help you build and execute your digital transformation initiatives and integrate learning into your organization.

Aokumo has pioneered Co-sourcing and Co-creation with a very flexible and rapid approach.

Aokumo works seamlessly with its customers to develop in-house talent, build scalable teams, construct a network of trusted digital partners, and gain control over their digital destiny.

Customer Journey

We Partner With Our Customers to Execute on Their Vision

Our process is unique, adaptable, and, more importantly, embodies the Shin-Gi-Tai framework for success. We also make sure that your journey is enjoyable, with valuable learning and development in the process.

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We learn about your vision, purpose, culture, products and services, customers, markets, and impacts. We also provide information on our processes, culture, and work practices to lay the foundation for engagement.


We assess the technology stack, data, people, and processes that support the desired value creation. Then we map customer value, review the current roadmap, evaluate technology and define delivery processes.


We conduct workshops, build outcome-based roadmap (OBR), provide MVC (Minimum Viable Cloud) as needed, and present the results at an executive workshop.


We use short outcome-based delivery cycles and visual management tools like Obeya to keep track of progress and learn quickly and continuously.


We jointly create measures that help us make timely decisions, achieve outcomes, and improve performance. Measures include customer value, financial measures (cost vs. value), improvement measures (defect reduction, MTTR).


We want our customers to control their digital destiny. So we provide training to fill any skill gaps, including coaching and workshops to educate organizations about value-driven technologies.


We continue to be your partner in many forms even after you reach your goals by organizing Incident Drills, DevOps Day, Immersion Day, Hackathons, and more.

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