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We take a holistic approach to your digital transformation and continuously evolve your core technologies for operational excellence.

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Where Vision Meets Technology

Aokumo is a modern digital technology company that helps businesses digitize, innovate, and thrive in a highly competitive landscape. Aokumo's platforms, services, and solutions help enterprises modernize their legacy systems and lay the foundation for achieving technology and operational excellence.

We leverage cloud, data analytics, AI, and trending technologies to deliver state-of-the-art digital transformation. We modernize outdated legacy systems to fully digital, security-first, cloud-native systems designed to evolve with your business.

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Our Solutions

Making Organizations Efficient and Innovative

Aokumo Cloud Migration logo
Cloud Migration

Simplify the cloud migration of your on-premise applications and infrastructure with no downtime and zero data loss.

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Cloud Security logo
Cloud Security

Keep your cloud ecosystem safe and minimize security risks from the start with robust cloud security solutions powered by automation and continuous compliance.

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Aokumo Cloud Native logo

Take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and resilience of the cloud by building modern applications using microservices, containers, and event-driven architecture.

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Aokumo Application Modernization logo
Application Modernization

Re-imagine the performance, capabilities, and modularity of your applications using modern infrastructure and process automation.

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Digital Platform logo

Ship products and features faster than ever with automated CI/CD pipeline, quality assurance, deployment, and monitoring.

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Aokumo Digital Platform logo
Digital Platform

Build your applications and technology infrastructure with reusable and configurable components for scalability and cost-optimization.

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Aokumo Data Analytics and AI logo
Data and AI

Capitalize on your business data with reliable ETL solutions and insightful real-time dashboards for all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

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Aokumo Digital Workplace logo
Digital Workplace

Boost the productivity of your employees and give them a seamless work experience to collaborate and work remotely with centralized management of applications, data, and endpoints.

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Gain competitive advantage with value-driven technology solutions

Our Services

Aligning Technology with Your Business Goals

Technology Assessments
Services logo

Get deep visibility in your technology assets to identify the capabilities and risks and prepare a comprehensive roadmap.

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Data & Analytics Assessment
Services logo

Know whether you are timely capturing the right data or any data and how this impacts your decision-making and real-time monitoring.

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Digital Operations Assessment
Services logo

Get insights into your workflows, delivery processes, and release management to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

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Well-Architected Reviews
Services logo

Evaluate your technologies and architectures with a systematic approach for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, and cost-optimization.

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CIO Services
Services logo

Envision your technology success with domain experts to guide, innovate, and drive your digital transformation.

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Digital Fluency Workshop
Services logo

Understand how modern technologies can solve your business challenges and develop the ability to use digital platforms for problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.

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Discover technology gaps to make the right decisions.

Our Approach

A Holistic Blend of Process and Results

Shin-gin-Tai logo
Outcome-based and Strategic Approach

We strategically design solutions by incorporating the holistic Shin-Gi-Tai framework to deliver the optimal digital transformation consistent with our customers' visions and business goals. Learn more >

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Global Reach and Local Impact logo
Global Reach and Local Impact

We have a global network of digital partners, technologists, and evangelists, along with 20 years of market knowledge in Japan and the Asia Pacific region. We leverage our partners, learnings, latest technologies, best practices, and world-class standards to deliver an impeccable business impact. Learn more >

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Co-Sourcing and Co-Creation logo
Co-Sourcing and Co-Creation

We work as partners. We differentiate ourselves from other technology service providers by combining your company culture, goals, and future objectives with our technical expertise to achieve inclusive results. Learn more >

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Our Impact


reduction in application and software inventory


cost savings by migrating to the cloud


performance improvement for critical business applications


faster delivery using automated infrastructure (IaC) and DevOps tools

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