Aokumo Becomes An AWS Services Partner

Tokyo, 17th June 2022: We are pleased to announce that Aokumo has become an AWS Services Partner. We now belong to the global AWS Partner Network (APN). We leverage AWS capabilities to build stable, scalable, sustainable cloud infrastructure and deliver business value to our clients.


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Being an AWS partner gives us credibility and demonstrates our technical expertise to serve global clients and help them accelerate their digital transformation. From cloud migration to building innovative solutions, we can fully manage enterprise-level cloud infrastructure with real-time monitoring and proactive support.

“Our primary focus is to help startups & SMEs in the APAC region take advantage of AWS cloud to modernize their legacy infrastructure and build solutions that give them a competitive advantage. Not only that, AWS infrastructure can lower their cost while boosting overall efficiency,” says Younes Hairej, Founder & CEO of Aokumo.


AWS Partner Network (APN) enables partners to build, market, and sell customer offerings by leveraging programs, expertise, and resources.

About Aokumo

Aokumo is a cloud infrastructure company that helps organizations modernize, innovate, and accelerate their digital transformation with Cloud-Native Solutions, Kubernetes, DevOps, CI/CD, and Data Analytics on AWS and Azure. Aokumo team members have over twenty years of award-winning experience modernizing legacy infrastructure with cloud-native technologies and platforms in Japan and the Asia Pacific.

Aokumo empowers its clients with global connections and technology partnerships to make their digital transformation an impeccable success.

Contact us to learn more about our AWS Cloud Services and Cloud Solutions at [email protected] or our contact page.