Aokumo Joins CNCF as Silver Member

<span id="test" class="blue-text" " fs-test-element="test">Tokyo, 17th June 2022:</span> We are pleased to share that Aokumo has been announced as a CNCF Silver Member at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022. We are excited to be a member of CNCF and continue delivering exceptional Kubernetes professional services.


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CNCF is an open-source software foundation driving cloud-native technologies forward and making them accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. CNCF and its work empower developers to build agility, resiliency, and scalability into cloud infrastructure with continuous delivery.

Being a CNCF Silver Member, Aokumo will actively support the growth and evolution of cloud-native technologies and help companies adopt cloud-native technologies, microservice architecture, and DevOps practices.

Joining CNCF as a Silver Member showcase our capabilities, dedication, and innovative work with Kubernetes. This award establishes our credibility in providing Kubernetes professional services and cloud-native solutions.

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