Cloud Adoption as a Building Block for Business Agility

Younes Hairej
Aokumo engineering designing a cloud solution using digital touch screen

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about a new startup or company disrupting the market?

They will disrupt decades-old businesses with speed, scalability, and user experience.

Airbnb is disrupting the travel stay, and Netflix is changing how we watch movies and tv shows. Lyft is democratizing the taxi service. And the list goes on.

How are they able to do that?

They are agile. These disruptors leverage the cloud to build, deliver, and scale fast.

The world is now more connected than ever (with the metaverse concept in full swing), and companies are looking to scale up quickly to grab market share worldwide. Operational excellence is no longer a competitive advantage, and regional expansion is not enough. User experience has to be continuously improved and evolve. Innovation has become a necessity. Speed to market is critical.

What exactly is agility, and why it is critical for today’s businesses?

Business agility is an organization’s ability to modernize, adapt, and scale quickly with changing market conditions and the business environment cost-effectively. By doing so, the organization sees a consistent (or even exponential) revenue growth, expanded user base, enhanced user experience, faster innovations, risk minimization, and reduced costs, among other benefits.

Agility is critical to achieving key business objectives.

Since access to technology is no longer a barrier now, any company that can truly become an agile business has the power to disrupt any market segment and eat into corporate giants’ market share. So now, regardless of the nature and size of the company, businesses have to modernize their infrastructure, products, and services and continuously adopt new technologies to remain relevant in the market.

Cloud Adoption - Building Foundation for Business Agility

Business Processes Power by Cloud
Cloud Adoption for Faster Business Transformation

Cloud, as we know it, has become a true technology enabler and, more importantly so, for agility. Adopting the cloud is one of the most significant steps in achieving business agility and improving strategic decisions. Forward-thinking business leaders are transforming their business by deploying strategic cloud computing, from operations to offerings. Here is how cloud adoption helps build the foundation for agility:

Quickly adapt to new business processes

Business transformation involves changes in business processes or entirely new business processes. This, in turn, requires new IT resources to be deployed quickly, efficiently, and at scale. Cloud adoption helps businesses deploy IT resources easily to implement and support their business processes.

Access to Modern Technologies

With cloud adoption, futuristic technologies such as AI, ML, Blockchain, VR, and more are at the disposal of any business. You can experiment, build, and embed these technologies in your applications fairly quickly with the out-of-the-box offering by cloud providers. The sky is the limit for innovations with the cloud.

On-demand Resource Provisioning

Investing in IT resources upfront and deploying infrastructure during the first few weeks or months is now a thing of the past. Cloud adoption helps businesses deploy computing resources anytime within hours or minutes and pay only for the resource consumed.

Reduced IT Costs

Cloud adoption significantly brings down IT spending with no upfront cost and a pay-as-you-go model. Additionally, resource usage analytics and real-time monitoring help businesses optimize their IT costs. Startups and SMEs can benefit from managed services to build prototypes and run experimentation without investing a lot initially.

Focus more on business strategies

Cloud removes the burden of transitional IT infrastructure deployment and management with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS offerings so businesses (even technology companies) can focus on their core operations. Individuals can start their business with cloud computing resources without hiring an IT team.

Cloud adoption empowers all stakeholders, from management to IT, by giving them the power to quickly respond to market changes and become agile in their job. And when people become agile, the whole organization becomes agile, digital transformation becomes a success, and the business becomes a disruptor.

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