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Our DevOps engineers help you achieve DevOps success for accelerated digital transformation and rapid innovation.

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Enable DevOps to deliver business value

Rapid development, faster time-to-market, and seamless IT operations play a vital role in the success of any organization. DevOps allows organizations to run frictionless IT operations with automated infrastructure and reliable CI/CD pipelines. Embracing DevOps enables you to release new features at speed, enhance user experience, and save significant costs on maintenance.

More than 50% of organizations find DevOps very hard to adopt, practice and scale.


DevOps shifts the focus from software development to software delivery. However, many organizations consider DevOps implementation a challenge rather than an opportunity. These challenges involve people, processes, and technology required to achieve a higher level of DevOps maturity. From our experience of driving digital transformation across industry verticals, we discovered the following key challenges organizations face while adopting DevOps.

Legacy Infrastructure

Legacy infrastructure blocks organizations to move to microservices and modern architecture, keeping them from taking full advantage of DevOps.

Scattered Tools

Lack of effective communication and knowledge sharing between teams combined with adopting the wrong tools results in complex and broken DevOps workflows.

Visibility & Observability

Tracking wrong key matrices coupled with limited visibility in the development process makes it hard to support the software lifecycle and make continuous improvements.

DevOps Skills & Expertise

Lack of DevOps understanding, skillset shortage, and expertise gap are key blockers in DevOps adoption and maturity.

No DevOps Vision

Without a clear vision of DevOps maturity level and implementation roadmap, Organizations end up wasting their time and resources.

Change Management

Moving from traditional change management systems to fast-paced deployments with immediate changes demands a significant learning curve.

DEVOPS Benefits

Build the Foundation for Agility, Adaptability, and Rapid Innovation

Faster Deployment

Enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive edge with faster and frequent release of new features and updates.

Increased Productivity

Boost productivity while reducing friction between teams with better collaboration between Development & Operations teams.

Improved Product Quality

Ensure high-quality production releases every time with automated and extensive testing of builds in lesser time.

More Innovation

Save a significant amount of time that can be utilized for more innovative thinking resulting from a high degree of automation throughout your software deployment lifecycle.

Agility and Experimentation

Enable on-demand and automatic provisioning of infrastructure and sandbox environments without impacting existing business applications.

Costs Saving

Save production, management, and maintenance costs as a direct result of automation, high-quality builds, and agile methodology.

deployment time
Cost saving

Devops Services

Application Delivery and Operational Excellence at High Velocity

Devops assessment

Delivering a clear vision and roadmap for DevOps success

Gain a deeper insight into your DevOps practices to know your current maturity level and areas of improvements. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses with actionable items to benchmark improvements, track progress, and improve ROI.

cloud center of excellence

Empowering DevOps capabilities for cloud-native transformation

Unlock the full potential of DevOps practices with an accelerated cloud journey through innovation, automation, and best practices. We work closely with your developers as your CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence) to deliver on the business strategy and requirements.

site reliability engineering

Ensuring robust application delivery

Automate your IT operations to deliver reliable software systems at scale with high performance. We help you manage large systems in production through automated deployment, configuration, change management, and emergency response in accordance with SLA (service level agreement), SLI (service level indicator), and SLO (service level objective).

obeya and kaizen

Bringing People, process, and technology together

Align people, processes, and business objectives to accelerate service delivery and achieve continuous improvements. We embed Japanese philosophies, Obeya and Kaizen, to help you build agility and effectiveness and deliver outcomes that move your business forward.

DevOps Capabilities

DevOps pilot framework creation

DevOps process and KPIs visualization

Collaboration tools

Test automation

CI/CD infrastructure management

Monitoring and logging automation

Security integration

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Container management

Capacity management

Release management

Availability management

Visual management using Obeya (Big Room)

Continuous improvements through data-driven decisions


Your Trusted Partners for Everything Cloud

Aokumo’s holistic practice-based approach coupled with cloud-native transformation help you overcome DevOps challenges and enhance SDLC. Our DevOps services help you create a faster, efficient, and reliable delivery system to achieve tangible business benefits and technical excellence.

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Seasoned professionals with enterprise-level experience in DevOps consulting, implementation, automation, and management.

Hands-on experience in building cloud automation for highly regulated industries such as Banking, Fintech, and other compliance-heavy sectors.

Specialization in automating PCI DSS, architecting for HIPPA compliance, and building Centralized SOC.

Faster turnaround with balanced speed and stability.

Cloud and tool-agnostic approach for continuous evolution.

Strategic thinking for DevOps initiatives and custom agile development.

Meaningful collaboration to develop healthy DevOps culture.

Efficiency resource utilization for minimized operating cost.

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