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We help you adopt, implement, and enhance AWS infrastructure through our diverse cloud consulting and managed services.

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Unleash the full potential of your AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud helps organizations innovate faster, optimize their IT costs, and respond quickly to market and customer demands. With more than 40% public cloud market share, AWS cloud is a go-to choice for digital transformation. The right technology partner with AWS specialization accelerates your cloud journey and drives immediate business value.

Organizations waste 30% of their cloud spending due to inefficient cloud infrastructure.


AWS provides highly configurable, scalable, and feature-rich cloud offerings. From our experience of driving cloud-native transformation across industry verticals, we discovered the following key challenges organizations face with their new or an already running AWS Cloud infrastructure.

Growing Costs

Most organizations struggle to optimize their AWS cloud infrastructure, which leads to ~30% higher billing without any added benefit.


Preventing security breaches and data theft requires more expertise on the top of build-in AWS security protocols.

Skill Gaps

Lack of the right talent coupled with a steep learning curve and fast-paced evolution of cloud technologies slow down AWS adoption and scaling.

Performance Degradation

Entire cloud infrastructure needs to be managed carefully for high-performance and high availability.

Continuous Compliances

Local and global compliances with increasing complexity make it hard for organizations to track and implement regulatory requirements

24/7 Monitoring

The limitation of monitoring tools to track distributed systems across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers in a coherent manner poses a challenge for making the right decisions.

AWS Cloud Benefits

Build a Resilient, Cost-Optimized, and High-Performing AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Developer Productivity

Focus on building applications with platform automation, DevOps, and on-demand provisioning.

Data Security

Get the advantage of in-build reliability and security at global scale.

Business Continuity

Leverage cloud-native solutions for automated backup, recovery, and high availability.

Costs Saving

Pay only for services that you use with optimal resource allocation and continuous optimization.


Scale up or down based on resource utilization, business conditions, and global expansion.

Business Agility

Implement out-of-the-box AWS solutions for evolving technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data, Analytics, and Blockchain.

Reduction in infra
Reduction of
configuration code

AWS Cloud Services

Driven by Cloud Solution Expertise and Enterprise Experience

Managed Services

Ensuring business continuity, performance, and uptime

Keep your systems running with high performance with our Managed AWS Cloud services. We continuously monitor, optimize, and re-engineer your AWS infrastructure to ensure seamless adoption and scaling.

Account Management

Helping you refocus on your core operations

Scale your cloud infrastructure with our centralized management of all your AWS accounts and resources. We separate, group, and manage your workloads based on function, configurations, control requirements, and regulatory compliances.

Cloud Consultation

Ensuring business continuity, performance, and uptime

Make the most of your cloud strategy and current cloud environment with our holistic cloud readiness assessment and roadmap. We help you modernize your infrastructure with the right guidance and data-driven decisions.

Automated Workflow

Accelerating business processes and service delivery

Focus on your core activities while making workflows better, smarter, and faster. We help you automate business processes and IT operations with serverless, low-code, and visual workflows using S3 Events, AWS StepFunctions, AWS Lambda integrations, and more.

Well-Architected Review

Implementing industry best practices

Follow AWS Well-Architect Framework to get the most out of your AWS Cloud and third-party integrations. We help you design and operate cost-effective, reliable, secure, sustainable, and efficient AWS cloud infrastructure.

24/7 AWS Support

Powering your team with expertise

Handle unforeseen situations immediately and make continuous improvements with our deep AWS expertise. We assist your cloud operations to ensure you are open for business 24/7.

Cloud Architecture & Security for
Regulated Environments

Aokumo has extensive hands-on experience in building robust, secure, and fully-compliant cloud architectures for startups and companies that operate in a highly regulated environment. We have implemented cloud solutions and provided our services on a variety of B2B and B2C use cases for Banking, Fintech, and other compliance-heavy sectors.

We specialize in automating PCI DSS, architecting for HIPPA compliance, and building Centralized SOC to help organizations stay compliant and avoid business risks. We use modern technologies, AWS reference architectures, and best practices to build, configure, and automate compliance workflows.

Aokumo’s AWS
Cloud Capabilities

Containerizations and Orchestration using Kubernetes with AWS EKS

Storage and Databases Management

AWS Data Lake

Mainframe migration

Real-time streaming & analytics infrastructure

AWS EFS, RDS, and AWS Aurora migration

Monitoring & Alerting with AWS X-Ray, AWS CloudWatch, and Elasticsearch integration

Data streaming with AWS MSK, DynamoDB, AWS Kinesis, and more

Security and compliance management on AWS

AWS Infrastructure set-up and modernization

Customized AWS Architecture with multi-cloud strategy

AWS cloud-native microservices infrastructure and DevOps

AWS Infrastructure set-up and modernization

Datacenter modernization using AWS databases and storage

Containerizations and Orchestration using Kubernetes with AWS EKS

AWS Lambda & Serverless APIs infrastructure


Your Trusted Partners for Everything Cloud

No matter where you are on your AWS cloud journey, Aokumo’s holistic approach to AWS cloud services position you for sustainable growth and continuous innovation. We help you architect, migrate, manage, and optimize your AWS cloud environment to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Access to AWS specialists
Cost Optimization
24/7 Support
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Seasoned AWS cloud professionals with demonstrated enterprise-grade infrastructure setup capabilities.

Expertise in moving and managing realtime-sensitive workload on AWS in highly regulated environments.

Hands-on experience in building cloud architecture for highly regulated industries such as Banking,Fintech, and other compliance-heavy sectors.

Specialization in automating PCI DSS, architecting for HIPPA compliance, and building Centralized SOC.

Security-by-design approach for your peace of mind.

Dedicated monitoring and DR support with quick remediation.

AWS Cloud center of excellence for continuous improvements.

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