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Digital Fluency

Digital Literacy
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Learn, adapt, and apply the right technology to improve operations, boost innovation and be future ready.

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The first step towards agility and resiliency

Digital fluency workshops by Aokumo help business leaders understand the latest technology buzzwords and the benefit they carry to achieve sustainable growth of the organization, team, and individuals.

Our workshops empower you to make the right technology decisions regardless of where you are in your digital transformation journey. We help you navigate and solve your unique business challenges by building a sound technology understanding throughout the organization. You will understand the capabilities needed to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

The workshops also mitigate the risk of bigger and long-term engagement by starting with a minimum viable cloud to help you measure ROI and experience the benefits.

Digital Fluency Benefits

Redefine the Value Chain and Reinvent the Workplace

Unlock New Opportunities

Identify new business opportunities by knowing the possibilities of modern technology.

Improve Employee Engagement

Strengthen the digital skills of your employee, from top to bottom, to increase productivity and efficiency.

Mitigate Fear of Change

Understand technology evolution and envision the modernization of your workplace and business processes.

Identify Skill Gaps

Determine required skills and hire the right talent for a successful digital transformation journey.

Evaluate Modern Technology

Assess different technologies and make informed decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

Continuous Innovation

Benefit from digitally fluent teams by harnessing new technologies to achieve business goals.

Digital Fluency services

Redraw the Frontier of What Is Possible

Digital Literacy Workshop

Become technology-friendly

This workshop will familiarize company executives, management, and non-technical personnel with the latest technology terminologies and trends. We break down technology trends in digestible explanations and help workshop attendees understand the core value it brings to the organization and their teams. Upon completing the workshop, you will be better equipped to capitalize on emerging opportunities for your business.

2-4 hours
What you get?

Interactive session.

Customized workshop according to your technology familiarity.

Understand technology buzzwords.

Mitigate fear of transformation.

Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) Workshop

Build your first POC

This workshop aims to solve your business challenges by building a pilot solution and observing the results. During this workshop, we help your organization adopt modern technologies for cloud-native transformation, API Infrastructure, microservices, DevOps, Digital platforms, digital workspace, and more with a working POC as a minimum viable cloud. At the end of this workshop, you will have a new solution that brings agility and resiliency to your organization.

2-4 hours
What you get?

Maximum ROI with minimum investment.

Adopt new technology without disrupting your business.

Measure immediate business value.

Validate business feasibility.

Identify the opportunity with a working model.

Outcome-based Obeya Workshop

Visual management for outcome-oriented goals

This workshop targets a specific outcome by taking the Japanese Obeya (Big Room) approach and aims to deliver on defined business value via digitization in the form of measurable results. We work together with your team using visualization and collaboration techniques towards a shared goal. At the end of this workshop, we benchmark the results and suggest actions for continuous improvements.

2-4 hours
What you get?

Enhance employee engagement.

Cross-functional Collaboration.

Measure a quick ROI of a solution.

Adopt visual framework.

Assessment workshop

Assess, envision and explore

This workshop aims to assess your existing technology solutions and processes and identify the scope of modernization for improvements. We start workshop by understanding your IT environments and associated business challenges and then brainstorming together to solve them through technology. At the end of this workshop, you will have identified gaps and areas for improvements with a clear technology roadmap and a prioritized set of actions.

2-4 hours
What you get?

Get complete visibility into your IT environment.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your technology foundation.

Get a clear roadmap for modernization.

Adopt best practices.

Technology Capabilities

Cloud Migration


Cloud Security

Cloud-Native Transformation

Application Modernization

Digital Platform

Data & Analytics Infrastructure

CIO Services

AWS Cloud Services

Kubernetes Professional Services


Your Trusted Partners for Everything Cloud

Aokumo believes that digital fluency empowers everyone in an organization with informed decisions about technology adoption and its usability. With our workshops, we bridge the knowledge gap for technical and non-technical personnel to enable a successful digital transformation.

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A holistic digital transformation approach based on the Japanese Shin-Gi-Tai framework.

25+ years of combined expertise in digital transformation in B2B and B2C.

A team of Certified Cloud Architects with domain expertise.

Hands-on experience in building cloud architecture for highly regulated industries such as Banking, Fintech, and other compliance-heavy sectors.

Specialization in automating PCI DSS, architecting for HIPPA compliance, and building Centralized SOC.

Expertise in agile methodologies.

Ability to experiment, validate, and implement quickly.

Measurable results with industry benchmarks.

Cloud and tool-agnostic approach for continuous evolution.

Strategic thinking for technology initiatives.

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