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Cloud-native Transformation

Launch Your New Application in a Modern and Secure Cloud

Set your application up for success with faster and more secure deployments. We build your cloud infrastructure from scratch with Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS so you have a scalable, perfectly meshed foundation.

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Devops Transformation

Release Faster with Cloud Native Infrastructure Code and Pipeline Automation

Take your DevOps to the next level. Aokumo is your partner in infrastructure as code, DevOps security, and CI/CD scripts. We enable observability, monitoring, tracing, while automating your pipeline including packing the code and putting it in your repository.

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Application Modernization

Bring Your App Up to Speed with Customer and Developer Expectations

Please users and employees. Improve user experience while reducing frustration amongst your development team by modernizing your application. We code the infrastructure, containerize your app, and refer you to trusted developers to rebuild your app if needed.

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Digital Platform

Get One DevOps Portal To Access All of The Solutions You Need

Access shared services through our API-enabled platform. The cloud infrastructure solutions your DevOps team needs are all in one place. We help you build an agile, modular, and scalable technology backbone to simplify IT operations, enhance business intelligence, and optimize cost.

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Cloud Migration

Move Your Systems to a More Powerful and Affordable Cloud

When you’re stuck with a slow, inefficient on-premise provider, your productivity will suffer and your costs will continue to rise. Parter with Aokumo to help you migrate to AWS or Microsoft Azure.

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Cloud Security

Get the Cloud Asset Management Code You Need to Keep Your Systems Secure

Without strategic cloud asset management and proper tagging, your cloud infrastructure is insecure. Aokumo bakes security into everything we do to help you automate the essential security aspects that otherwise go ignored.

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Setup the Infrastructure to Capture and Utilize Data

The first step towards using data? Capturing it. Aokumo builds your data capture systems so you can later convert your data catalog into business analytics on your customers, team productivity, and more.

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