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Interim CIO/CTO
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Take advantage of highly-qualified IT experts and leaders to accelerate your digital transformation, solve complex problems, and build a resilient technology foundation.

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Frictionless digital transformation and technology adoption

A CIO plays an important role in navigating the company through challenges, adapting to market changes, responding to customer demands, and providing executive advisory to the board. In today's fast-paced and competitive environment, the role of the CIO has become even more critical to evolve technology assets for agility, resiliency, and high performance with continuous improvements.

60% of companies’ digital transformation ability is not enough for the future.


A CIO is vital for mission-critical technology strategy and timely execution to enable growth, reduce risks, and improve the bottom line. Finding a CIO who can drive innovation, achieve agility, and build resiliency takes time and is costly for most organizations. From our experience of driving digital transformation across industry verticals, we discovered the following key challenges organizations face without a CIO.

Uncertain Transformation

Without prior experience, broad expertise, and deep understanding of modern technologies, a successful digital transformation is difficult to achieve.

IT Skills Gap

Adopting new technologies faster while training existing talents for future challenges is a real struggle for organizations without a CIO.

Lack of Alignment

Digital transformation strategy requires cultural changes in IT teams with better collaboration between development and operations teams.

Compliance Risks

Organizations without a CIO tend to ignore or fail to keep up with evolving security and regulatory compliances that put their business at risk.

Slow Technology Adoption

Adopting new technologies faster while training existing talents for future challenges is a real struggle for organizations without a CIO.

Lack of Innovation

Without a CIO, it becomes very hard to drive innovation due to a lack of specialized skills, clear strategy, and execution paths.

CIO Services Benefits

Ensure a Successful Digital Transformation Journey

Aligned IT and Business

Align technology with your business goals to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Faster Innovation

Enable faster innovation across business verticals using digital transformation with better preparation, planning, and vision.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver superior customer experience with continuous adoption of new technologies and evolution of digital platforms.

Stability & Reliability

Use the right technology at its full capacity to ensure business continuity, resiliency, and high performance.

Cost & Time Saving

Save cost and time by avoiding a wrong and costly hire in a rush to prevent missteps in your digital transformation journey.

Optimized IT

Keep your IT in an optimal state serving business functions with the best utilization of deployed resources.

SLA achieved
Resource utilization
Faster delivery
Increase in

CIO Services

Build the Capabilities to Execute

Interim CIO/CTO

Enabling technology innovations

Empower your team with a CIO/CTO to plan, prepare, and execute your technology initiatives for short-term and long-term. Our technology expert will lead and train your team for success in future technology endeavors.

DIGItal transformation (dx) partner

Leading technology initiatives

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with enterprise-grade expertise and execution. We work closely with your internal team and bridge the skill gap to deliver on business goals and DX promises.

Executive Technology Advisor

Empowering business leaders

Get strategic guidance and technology foresight to build a resilient technology foundation. We help you plan a technology roadmap, align IT with business, and evolve with emerging technology trends.

Aokumo’s CIO

Technology Strategy and Roadmap

IT and Digital Transformation

IT Governance and Organizational Design

IT Operating Model

IT Demand Management

Technology Portfolio and Project Management

IT Policy & Compliance Deployment

Risk Management


Your Trusted Partners for Everything Cloud

Being a technology organization ourselves, we understand the prominence of a CIO for spearheading digital transformation efforts. Our CIO services take a holistic approach to encompass all elements of an IT infrastructure for immediate business value with data-driven decisions.

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Cost Optimization
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Seasoned technology leaders with enterprise-level experience in Cloud, DevOps, Automation, and management.

Hands-on experience in leading digital transformation at large enterprises.

Expertise in building cloud architecture for highly regulated industries such as Banking, Fintech, and other compliance-heavy sectors.

Specialization in automating PCI DSS, architecting for HIPPA compliance, and building Centralized SOC.

Cloud and tool-agnostic approach for continuous evolution.

Strategic thinking for technology initiatives.

Meaningful collaboration between cross-functional teams to develop a healthy culture.

Efficiency resource utilization for minimized operating cost.

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