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The Challenge

The complexity of managing Kubernetes clusters, ensuring high availability, monitoring system performance, and scaling resources dynamically to meet demand are just a few of the challenges organizations face.

Furthermore, the steep learning curve and resource-intensive nature of these operations often deter businesses from fully leveraging the potential of Kubernetes and the cloud.

Rapid Evolution

Staying abreast with the rapid updates and enhancements in Amazon EKS can be overwhelming, leading to operational inefficiencies.

Operational Complexity

The intricate nature of cloud-native systems adds to the complexity of managing Kubernetes in Amazon EKS, limiting its full potential.

Skill Gaps

Limited expertise, outdated tools, and legacy systems obstruct effective Kubernetes adoption and management in Amazon EKS.

Maximize Operational Efficiency and Accelerate Innovation

Operational Efficiency

Utilizing Amazon EKS boosts operational efficiency by simplifying management of containerized apps.

Developer Productivity

Amazon EKS's seamless CI/CD integration enables fast, consistent code deployment.

High Availability

EKS ensures consistent uptime, offering a reliable user experience even under high loads

Cost Efficiency

Containers in EKS optimize resource use, significantly reducing operational costs.

Robust Security

EKS's security features, coupled with our Zero Trust implementation, provide comprehensive data protection.


EKS's auto-scaling capabilities ensure your apps can handle fluctuating user traffic seamlessly.

Optimize Your Cloud-Native Operations with Amazon EKS for Mission-Critical Workloads

Application modernization

We facilitate your transition to cloud-native applications and development processes. Our team guides you through rearchitecting legacy applications for EKS compatibility and helps adopt DevOps practices for faster, reliable software releases.

Automation & Modern Infrastructure

We assist in deploying a modern, robust AWS infrastructure and enable automation in your EKS operations. We use Infrastructure as Code (IaC), automated deployment, and scaling to boost efficiency.

Zero-Trust Security

We implement Zero Trust principles in your Amazon EKS environment and conduct AWS Well-Architected Reviews to align your deployments with AWS's five pillars. This ensures top-tier security and operational excellence.

Managed EKS Services

Our fully managed Amazon EKS service covers the day-to-day management of your Amazon EKS clusters, including regular updates, security patches, monitoring, and troubleshooting, freeing your team from other critical tasks.

EKS Migration & Training

We provide expert assistance for the smooth migration of Kubernetes workloads to Amazon EKS and offer personalized training to ensure your teams are adept with Kubernetes and related cloud-native technologies.

Optimized EKS Operations

We help you maximize the operational efficiency of your Amazon EKS deployments, offering services that encompass application modernization, cloud-native development, automation, security, and more.

Kubernetes Capabilities

Cloud-Native Architecture Consulting & Design

Cloud-Native DevOps Consulting

Zero Trust Security Engineering for EKS

Managed EKS Operations

Microservices and Container Security Engineering

Service Mesh Management in EKS

EKS Observability & Monitoring

Automated Delivery Pipelines

EKS DevOps as a Service

Containerizations and Orchestration using Kubernetes with AWS EKS


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Aokumo specializes in harnessing the power of Kubernetes and Amazon EKS. We collaborate with your teams to boost productivity, minimize costs, and unlock cloud-native advantages. With Aokumo, expect tailored solutions for optimized, secure, and efficient EKS operations.

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Proven success deploying clusters in compliance-heavy sectors like Banking and Fintech.

We employ Infrastructure as Code, automation, and CI/CD pipelines for robust Kubernetes ecosystems.

We use leading Kubernetes tools to automate deployments, scalability, and testing.

Our strategies for cluster deployment, monitoring, and management are proven and reliable.

We provide comprehensive training to foster Kubernetes and DevOps proficiency.

We enhance the value of your EKS deployments by optimizing network, storage, and compute costs.

Specializing in automating PCI DSS, HIPAA compliance, and centralized SOC setups.

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