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Speed up your journey towards cloud-native with Kubernetes at the center of your Cloud environment, DevOps practices, and CI/CD infrastructure.

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Manage your mission-critical workloads in the cloud effectively

Containerized applications take your cloud-native transformation to the next level with agility, and faster delivery.

Kubernetes is a proven solution to simplify the deployment and management of your containerized applications with stability, automation, on-demand resource provisioning, and portability.

With multi-cloud capabilities, Kubernetes can be used with a variety of architectures efficiently to increase developer productivity. It is an open-source technology with a fast-growing ecosystem to support the different needs of business and DevOps teams.

95% of organizations run into various challenges with Kubernetes, most commonly during the development phase.


Technology is getting more complex with the introduction of microservices and domain-driven architectures. Kubernetes helps organizations overcome these challenges. However, due to the fast-paced evolution of Kubernetes, service mesh complexity, and lack of skills, organizations fail to utilize Kubernetes at its full capacity for scale, cost-efficiency, and productivity. From our experience of driving cloud-native transformation across industry verticals, we discovered the following key challenges organizations face with their cloud-native transformation, microservices deployment, and DevOps.

Rapid Evolution

Organizations fail to continuously monitor, upgrade, and enhance Kubernetes, causing system-wide inefficiencies and container breakdown.

Growing Complexity

The complexity of modern cloud-native systems, such as microservices and service mesh, makes it challenging to manage Kubernetes operations.

IT Inadequacies

Lack of experienced talent, use of traditional tools, and legacy infrastructure pose a significant challenge in adopting and managing Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Professional Services Benefits

Bring Agility, Stability, and Resiliency to Your Cloud-Native Journey

High Performance

Keep your containers stable with effective distribution of traffic in peak conditions.

Developer Productivity

Automate container deployment and disposal with seamless DevOps integration.

Faster Recovery

Automated failovers and application redeploys for business availability and continuity.


View application state as a whole and coordinate backups across containers, and other components.

Cost Optimization

Scale up or down easily based on resource utilization and business requirements.

Open for Business 24/7

Run your applications with no maintenance window and minimized downtime.

Reduction in
response time

Kubernetes Professional Services

Driven by Cloud Solution Expertise and Enterprise Experience

Kubernetes Consulting

Transform your business with cloud-native

Do you need help with migrating to Kubernetes? We evaluate your current workloads and develop a cloud-native roadmap to take advantage of self-managed and managed Kubernetes services like EKS and AKS.

Kubernetes Pilot

Empowering digital transformation initiatives

Realize Kubernetes benefits for your cloud-native initiatives for accelerated deployments. We help you design, develop, and deploy your first Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes Support & Maintenance

Keeping your systems up and running 24/7

Ensure zero downtime with our continuous support and maintenance for Kubernetes. We provide Site Reliability Engineering to detect abnormalities and fix all the issues before they impact performance.

Kubernetes Ecosystem Tools

Enhancing Orchestration Operations

Tap into the Kubernetes ecosystem for DevOps maturity. We help you integrate best-in-breed supporting services such as Istio, ArgoCD, Prometheus, etc., for automated deployment, monitoring, service mesh, security hardening, and cost management.

Kubernetes Training

Preparing Developers for Future

Build in-house Kubernetes competencies in your IT & DevOps team. We deliver personalized training to bring your teams up to speed with cloud-native technologies

Kubernetes Capabilities

Cloud-Native Architecture Consulting & Design

Cloud-Native DevOps Consulting

Multi-cloud Kubernetes Strategy & Orchestration

Operating Managed Kubernetes services like EKS

Microservices and Container Security Engineering

Microservices Management with Service Mesh

Observability & Monitoring in Kubernetes

Automated Delivery Pipelines

Kubernetes DevOps as a Service

Containerizations and Orchestration using Kubernetes with AWS EKS


Your Trusted Partners for Everything Cloud

Aokumo has extensive experience in helping startups and organizations successfully bootstrapping with our Kubernetes capabilities. Our professionals work closely with your DevOps team to implement and learn Kubernetes to increase productivity, optimize operating costs, and unlock full cloud-native potential.

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Proven track record of deploying hundreds of production clusters in fast-paced and highly regulated environments such as Banking, Fintech, and other compliance-heavy sectors.

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes ecosystem with Infrastructure as Code, automation tools, and CI/CD pipeline.

We use industry-validated Kubernetes automation tools to automate cluster deployments, processes, workflows, node scalability, and testing.

Tried, tested, and validated methodology for cluster deployment, monitoring, management, and maintenance.

Comprehensive training and support for DevOps and Kubernetes maturity.

Optimization of the network, storage, and compute costs to deliver maximum business value.

Specialization in automating PCI DSS, architecting for HIPPA compliance, and building Centralized SOC.

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