Aokumo Inc. and Join Forces to Drive Digital Transformation in Japan

Aokumo Inc. is pleased to partner with, Inc., the industry’s leading cloud-native application networking platform.

Aokumo Inc.

TOKYO – February 2023: Aokumo Inc. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with, Inc., the industry’s leading cloud-native application networking platform. The partnership between Aokumo and will help organizations embrace the cloud-native paradigm and drive their digital transformation forward.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations are looking to transition to a cloud-centric IT model to stay ahead of the competition. However, this transition is often met with challenges such as legacy systems, lack of cloud strategy and limited skills and expertise.

As a provider of cloud infrastructure services, Aokumo has deep expertise in cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, DevOps and many other core areas critical to success in the cloud. By partnering with, Aokumo will be able to offer their clients the best of both worlds: innovative cloud-native technologies combined with the expertise and hands-on support they need to implement and succeed with these technologies.

“We are thrilled to partner with the team,” said Younes Hairej, Founder and CEO of Aokumo.“This strategic partnership will help us accelerate the adoption of cloud-native architecture and technologies in the region and help our customers with their end-to-end technology transformation.”

Organizations are adopting cloud-native technology for many reasons, including better resource efficiency, improved resiliency and availability, the ability to run multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies and the ability to develop and improve services faster and with lower risk. Aokumo and are well-positioned to help organizations embrace the cloud-native paradigm and take advantage of these benefits.

“At, our customers expect us to not only deliver innovative technologies, but also to be a hands-on partner in solving their digital transformation challenges,” said Idit Levine, Founder and CEO of “We're excited to partner with the Aokumo team. They have deep expertise in cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, DevOps and many core areas that are critical to our joint customers’ success. We are confident that the combined teams will be able to help customers take their next big steps in their cloud journey.”

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About Aokumo

Aokumo is a cloud infrastructure company that helps organizations modernize, innovate, and accelerate their digital transformation on AWS with Cloud-Native Solutions, Kubernetes, DevOps, CI/CD and data analytics infrastructure. Aokumo team members have over twenty years of award-winning experience modernizing legacy infrastructure with cloud-native technologies and platforms in Japan and the Asia Pacific.

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